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            Beijing Atrust Electric Co.,Ltd

            HuiHuang international Center

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            Haidian District

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            1、Sales manager
            Minimum qualifications: Salary: Nature of the work: The number of recruits:2person


            - Support sales when acquisition, quotation and technical clarification with customers for imported and locally-manufactured products ;
            - Collect and feedback market trends information, such as competitor information, customers requirement for products or sales potential;
            - Responsible for product training of the sales people.

            -Responsible for the whole course of the project 


            - Bachelor degree or above in Industry Automation Engineering, electrical or related major;

            - 3+ years working experience related to sales engineering.

            - Sales experience, especially pre-sales support experience, and strong technical background of Automation System is preferred;

            - Flexibility in handling a diverse and challenging workload.
            - Good communication skill and team spirits;

            2、Assistant Manager
            Minimum qualifications: Salary: Nature of the work: The number of recruits:1person

            - Support  manager in all day daily business work and administrative staff

            - Sales support - Region Balanced Scorecard management;
            - Voucher handling from all region colleagues;
            - Commercial reporting and analyzing;
            - Type correspondence, presentation materials, reports, etc.;
            - Make calls, appointments, airline and hotel booking, receive visitors, transmit messages and set up filing system;

            - Bachelor degree in English or relevant major

            - Good command of both written and spoken English

            - At least 1 years relevant working experience

            - Have excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills;

            - Professional use of Microsoft Office software;



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